This lightweight pump is designed specifically for YBR® balls. Its small size and light weight make it perfect for travel. It comes with a removable needle so you can also deflate your balls. 


Tips for pump use and ball inflation:

  • Moisten the needle and twist as you insert or remove.
  • Do not over-inflate the balls; they should have a little give.
  • The first time you inflate your ball, do so until the slight bulge begins to disappear. The bulge will roll out after a few uses.
  • Unscrew the pump needle and insert it into the ball's valve to deflate the ball. Don’t forget to screw the needle back on the pump, and be careful not to lose the small black ring inside the pump's neck (which creates an airtight seal for your pump to work at its best).


Note: Do not insert needle into the back bulb of the pump as this will damage it.

Note: While many standard sport pumps with a ball nozzle work, some are too large resulting in damaging the valve. 

YBR® Pump


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