To be frank, I never expected to be a yoga teacher. 

My sister introduced me to Bikram Yoga in 2005, when I was displaced by Hurricane Katrina during what was intended to be my first semester of college. When I first started practicing yoga it was as a means to get in shape and burn off some energy. When I came back to New Orleans, I drifted away from Bikram and towards Hatha Yoga. My yoga practice has evolved from being a purely physical activity into a vehicle for personal and spiritual growth and liberation.  

Hatha yoga speaks to me as a tool for self-exploration that illuminates and deepens our connection to ourselves, each other, the planet, and the Universe at large. I am particularly fond of hatha yoga's emphasis on alignment - to me, when a pose is well-aligned, my body feels spacious, and my breath feels easy, it feels like freedom. This is why both in my teaching and in my personal practice, I continue to study and explore alignment in the search for greater space and ease, and ultimately, freedom.


In my studies, I was introduced to Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) as a tool for creating greater space and length in the body. I have since developed an ongoing practice of YBR and, having seen great long-term changes in my own body, am eager to share this system with others as a complement to yoga and as a self-standing physical practice. 


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Emilia Aguinaga

New Orleans, LA 

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