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The Basics

Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) is a self-care system that helps you recover space and length in your body while increasing core strength and muscle tone. Akin to self-massage, in YBR you use balls of different sizes and densities to systematically stimulate bone, release myofascial adhesions, lengthen muscles and open joints. Through YBR you re-establish a more beneficial structural alignment and regain a sense of freedom and ease in your body.​

How Does It Work?

Much like in hatha yoga, Yamuna Body Rolling’s ultimate goal is the removal of all physical restrictions in the body so energy can flow freely through it. Restrictions can manifest as compression, contraction, tightness, inflammation, atrophy, or nerve pain; fundamentally these restrictions translate into a lack of space. The central tenets of YBR are that the body wants to correct itself and reinhabit the lost space and, furthermore, that the body’s innate intelligence allows it to do so. YBR taps into this natural body intelligence and (re)educates each muscle to release and take its optimal space.


YBR recognizes that there is a natural logic and order to the body. This logic dictates that muscles release from origin to insertion, and can only fully release when their tendons release, which, in turn, can only happen when the bone is stimulated. The YBR system uses balls of varying sizes and densities to first apply direct pressure to bones and then traction muscles from origin to insertion. The direct pressure provided by the ball stimulates the bone, which in turn initiates the release of all the tendons and, thereafter, the muscles attached to that bone. It is this direct bone stimulation, and the recognition that bone is living tissue (and not a dead and rigid thing), that separates YBR from other modalities. The traction effected on tendons and muscles lengthens muscles, releases myofascial adhesions, and creates intra-articular space in joints.


The balls have a second purpose: the pressure of the balls keeps you mentally and physically present as changes start to occur, which allows these changes to imprint deeply in the neuromuscular system. YBR is a self-care system that allows you to actively and consciously participate in your own healing processes. With YBR you are effectively re-patterning your own body, removing restrictions and creating space where it’s needed, and building strength where it’s needed.​

Who Is It For And What Does It Do? 

YBR is appropriate and beneficial for all individuals regardless of age, gender or physical condition.

  • Maintains healthy neuromuscular and skeletal systems. Increases muscle length and strength, opens joints, and releases myofascial adhesions.

  • Improves any type of body-oriented practice.

    • Great tool for body therapy professionals to use on themselves and with clients.

    • Professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those starting a new fitness regime benefit from unwinding and elongating muscles to avoid injury.

  • Provides an experiential approach to anatomy and increases bodily self-awareness.

  • Helps release tension from the day.

  • Improves breath by releasing restrictions and bringing awareness back to breathing and breathing patterns.  

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